tirsdag 22. februar 2011


To those who are new to this story... the Yellowstone supervolcano located in "yellowstone national park" has been experiencing a LARGE SWARM of moderate to large earthquakes over the past few weeks. This is ON TOP of the normally semi-active nature of the area with its low 1-2 magnitudge quakes associated with areas like the geyser fields etc..

Well folks, here is a new site to monitor earthquakes in Yellowstone, and this site CLEARLY SHOWS the censoring of the data on the "public" USGS earthquake sites, and that they censor the data going out to other 3rd party programs like earthquake 3D and Intellicast.

Here's the site:

A scandal in science has BREWED like "tea" and is hot and ready to boil over!

thanks to SNL for that one...

'' Indiana Experts Wary Of Earthquake Swarm.''
Hundreds Of Tremors Rattle Arkansas For Unknown Reason.
POSTED: 4:49 pm EST February 21, 2011
UPDATED: 6:46 am EST February 22, 2011

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. -- Indiana scientists are keeping a wary eye on a series of earthquakes that has been rattling Arkansas for days.

More than 60 tremors struck the state last week, a phenomenon that's almost becoming a daily routing for residents there, 6News' Stacia Matthews reported.


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