tirsdag 24. mai 2011

The Tamiflu Scam - May 23, 2011 CBC News

The Tamiflu Scam.

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''Side Effects of Tamiflu - for the Consumer.''
Tamiflu Side Effects

''Tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks.''
hallucinating, sobbing wrecks

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  1. I got MS and bad Asthma, been given Tamiflu as prevention as we got influenza in the area. I have had 1 day of flu symptoms and my GP put me on Tamiflu just in case. I must say the 1st tablet I did take this afternoon completely wiped me out. However, side effects are no different to when I have to take Predisone (steroids), dizzy, burning hot, very very sleepy.