fredag 11. februar 2011

The Chinese invasion by Trojan Horse,The Polar shift what The Media isn't covering must Watch.

The Chinese are going to claim Territory ,for the Debt owed them by The U.S. .Our Gov. is Cedeing land as we speak. How would The Governments of The World preppare the population for the End ? They wouldn't ,apocalyptic Polar Shift you better get informed. Nibiru second Sun ,coming right at us.

4thHorseman-Mystery-solved.You'r welcome.

This is a case of mass hysteria over nothing.
The 'horseman' is glare in the camera lens from the fires in the background.

Remember that camera lenses are round and when the camera pans to the right, the glare moves also, if they had moved the camera back to the left, you would have seen the 'horseman' going backwards to the left.. :D