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The Tamiflu Scam - May 23, 2011 CBC News

The Tamiflu Scam.

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''Side Effects of Tamiflu - for the Consumer.''
Tamiflu Side Effects

''Tamiflu turned my children into hallucinating, sobbing wrecks.''
hallucinating, sobbing wrecks

Aerosol Crimes : 5 Billion to Die In Death Dumps.

Illuminazi Targets 5 Billion to Die In Death Dumps.

Aircraporg 24. jan. 2011

Are we going to sit here and say nothing and do nothing about the chemtrail death dumps? They are killing you, your family, your friends, the birds, the fish, the animals, the trees, and the plant life on this planet. Respiratory and Alzheimer's deaths are soaring because of the toxins in the chemtrails. It's going on every hour of the day. There is a war against the planet earth. It's an emergency!

DVD: Aerosol Crimes (Chemtrails)
Clifford E. Carnicom
Starting at the 2 minute mark in this video, Anthony J Hilder interviews G Edward Griffin, the acclaimed author of "The Creature from Jekyll Island: A Second Look at the Federal Reserve" and co-producer of the outstanding film that exposes the devastating affects of geoengineering titled "What in the World Are They Spraying?"

Hilder: "Ed, you produced a very disturbing picture. I am concerned as hell that you may be on to the biggest crime of the century -- in two centuries -- in the history of the world against humanity, itself. Am I overreacting? ... It's really death dumps on a daily basis.... Am I going too far?"

Griffin: "Anthony, I don't think that you're going too far at all. I think that the way that you've described it in terms of the greatest crime of all history -- crime against humanity. I don't think that is too strong of a statement at all. And, the reason I think this is a very rational statement is that we know that they are spraying something toxic on us. There is no longer any question. They always say: 'Well, it's just water vapors, of course.' But, we now know that it is not just water vapor. And, we know that it is very toxic. It's affecting human health. It's affecting plant life, wildlife. And, it could damage the eco-system and the human race for centuries -- if not forever. Some of the genetic changes that may come about from these things could be irreversible. We don't know."

What in the World Are -
They Spraying?

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Hilder: "It could kill the fish. It's poisoning the water. It's dropping the trees and making them non-functional. They're dying everywhere. And, it's happening at a very rapid speed... I can exaggerate at times, you know?"

Griffin: "No, I don't think you are exaggerating. That's the reason that we produced this documentary is because it is so far removed from what most people think as reality. It's shocking to discover."

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