mandag 9. april 2012

Treehuggers and Eco-Fascists Join Hands.


Treehuggers and Eco-Fascists Join Hands:Global Government Or The World Will End.

Jurriaan Maessen
April 8, 2012

Recently an international network of Green parties united in the so-called “Global Greens” have stated that global government should be formed sooner rather than later or else the world will be doomed. The core of the network’s activities are to promote “core values” such as “ecological wisdom”.
Now the organization has added global government to their list.

Recently Australian Green leader Senator Bob Brown openly called on the Global Green’s congress to vote on his idea of a ‘Global Government’ and ‘Global Parliament’ to be a part of the Global Greens Charter. After some initial mutterings along the lines of “Ok, global government’s fine as long as it’s democratic” the congress-members went ahead approving Brown’s addition to the Green Charter. And yes, they applauded.
Now, I’m quite sure not all of the attendants and members are certified eco-fascists. Some undoubtedly have the best of intentions with which they pave the road to hell. They oftentimes remind me of the people that predict sudden doom when the clock strikes December 21 2012. Depending on what subgroup you ask, the doom will manifest itself either through an obscure, as of yet undetected planet hurrying through the solar system – or an armada of spacecrafts, waiting impatiently on the dark side of the moon, ready to invade when the dreaded date is reached. Mysterious beings from an even more mysterious “intergalactic light federation” are routinely informing us that the hour is late and mankind should create a “one world state” in order to properly receive the alien visitors.

Of course history records so many impending days of doom, and so many ways of manifesting itself, that if they would all have come to pass, the earth would have been utterly destroyed a thousand times over. This sobering fact does not in the least affect the end-of-days advocates and Global Green-type of treehugger. Proponents of these mythologies (either building their speculations upon an interpretation of an interpretation of the Mayan calendar or blindly trusting on the IPCC) usually shy away from actual reality unfolding as we speak. They prefer busying themselves with “climate change” or the latest message from planet Zordac instead of focusing on the scientific dictatorship being implemented stage by stage.

Now this would be all innocent indulging if not for the overall passive demeanor created in the process. Why act if the battle for freedom will be decided by an expected catastrophe descending from the heavens? It is easy to throw your hands in the air and to drift aimlessly on ethereal air currents. It is hard, on the other hand, to challenge the very real New World Order that is engaged in depopulation policies on record. History teaches us that the tyrant stands to gain from the slaves surrendering their minds to idle fancies.

It began in the decades proceeding the year 1000: medieval Europe was in the grips of the expected second coming of Christ. People readily emptied their purses, in case a divine strike from the sky would blast them to kingdom come. While the local tyrants collected the cash, the serfs raised their eyes to the heavens expecting cloud-bursting judgment at any moment. You can imagine that when the long expected hour came and went without incident, the poor pilgrims shook their fist up at the same sky they trembled under not long before. Not only was their summoning before the divine throne delayed, their purses were even emptier than they had been before. In the meantime, their Saxe-Coburg-Gotha-chieftain had profited from the situation by gathering all riches to him, exercising his power with all the more ruthlessness and resolve.