lørdag 27. juli 2013

1,000 Inmates Escape from Benghazi Libya Prison!

One Thousand Inmates Escape From Libya Prison.

''Inmates have staged a major jailbreak at a prison in the east Libyan city of Benghazi as the facility was also attacked from the outside.
Security official Mohammed Hejazi said the prisoners staged a riot inside Koyfiya prison as an attack took place outside the facility.
Gunmen fired into the air outside the prison as inmates began setting fires inside, suggesting the escape was pre-planned.
Special forces later arrested 18 of those who escaped, while other returned on their own, according to security officials. ''

fredag 26. juli 2013

Analysis Hunger Games, and the Satanic New World Order Agenda.

Published on Jul 26, 2013
Suzanne Collins wrote a trilogy which depicts our future and children are at the center of it. They must hunt illegally, in the woods, to survive and they must kill each other in a sadistic Satanic world where the President sells children into prostitution. If I was making this up, it would be sick! If the author was making it up, it would be sick, but this is real! This is where we are headed, if we don't do something, fast!