mandag 15. desember 2014


'' Two Major Reports on the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting that allegedly occurred on 12/14/2012, have some very significant data points that do not match, and in many cases contradict themselves. They utilized the same witnesses, the same evidence, the same police reports, etc.. yet, the reports have two very different pictures... you can draw your own inference from this, however, this is NOT DISPUTABLE, IT IS FACT. ''

fredag 7. november 2014

US West Coast Radiation Deaths Sky Rocket

~Chemtrail Gangstalking Reno~

Reno Nevada Friday November 7 2014
Best Viewed at 1080 HD
Eyes to the sky Clyde. Yesterday I observed so many planes overhead horizon to horizon, I could have used extra eyes, hands, cameras. Sunday, nothing, no planes visible in the sky.
The sky went from beautiful blue to white then gray then back to blue again and then more planes horizon to horizon. Nevada is the least populated state in the nation; Reno population about 300,000. Ask yourself why some days hundreds of planes are flying overhead and never landing or taking off from the airport for no good reason.

tirsdag 27. mai 2014

Cloud History Being REwritten. Pages removed from library books.

Why Common Core Must Be Opposed

''The Common Core educational initiative, according to its official website, strives to provide "a set of high-quality academic standards in mathematics and English language arts/literacy." Its critics, however, see it very differently. This opposition, led by professors of education, mathematicians, former members of the Department of Education, the largest teachers' union in the country, and countless other professionals, is seeking to derail this educational agenda before it can fully take over schools across the United States.

Why are these groups opposed to Common Core, and what is Common Core's real purpose? Find out more in this week's Eyeopener report.''

onsdag 21. mai 2014

CIA Vaccines: Spying or Sterilizing Program?

''hCG and Anti-hCG Antibodies
 In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman's body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.
 However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies.  The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has  sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.''

mandag 19. mai 2014

The Sinking Ship and Rising Phoenix | C(lie)mate

No Longer Believes in the ‘Consensus’.

''One of the world’s most eminent climate scientists – for several decades a warmist – has defected to the climate sceptic camp.

Lennart Bengtsson – a Swedish climatologist, meteorologist, former director of the Max Planck Institute for Meteorology in Hamburg and winner, in 2006, of the 51st IMO Prize of the World Meteorological Organization for his pioneering work in numerical weather prediction – is by some margin the most distinguished scientist to change sides.

For most of his career, he has been a prominent member of the warmist establishment, subscribing to all its articles of faith – up to and including the belief that Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick was a scientifically plausible assessment of the relationship between CO2 emissions and global mean temperature.''

søndag 20. april 2014

United Nations Agenda 21: They Want Cliven Bundy's Ranch Gone.

'' We Lost Our Land Rights During the Civil War,
There were a variety of issues that led to the Civil War, but they all pretty much centered on this theme. The southern states always maintained the position that a strong federal government was a threat to local norms and traditions. This came from the colonial days and the debates that took place with the debate over the U.S. Constitution. Ultimately, the southern states, being less populated, were concerned that the more highly populated northern states would use their influence to force their will on the south through federal influences.

The issue of slavery became one of the key issues, not because the northern population in general wanted to do something about it, but because it was the most divisive issue of the time. The federal government began a series of policy changes that the south did not agree with regarding taxation and trade. The southern states, being threatened by this, began to withdraw from the union on the grounds that they had the right to do so under the Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The slavery issue came to the forefront later, and many in the south were discussing the possibility of freeing the slaves on their own. Basically, the south believed that the states should have more control over their own destiny while northern states believed the federal government should have more power to deal with state level issues.''

Uploaded on Aug 23, 2011

The Antelope Valley is a vast patch of desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles County, and a segment of the few rugged individualists who live out there increasingly are finding themselves the targets of armed raids from local code enforcement agents, who've assembled into task forces called Nuisance Abatement Teams (NATs).

The plight of the Valley's desert dwellers made regional headlines when county officials ordered the destruction of Phonehenge: a towering, colorful castle constructed out of telephone poles by retired phone technician Kim Fahey. Fahey was imprisoned and charged with several misdemeanors.

But Fahey is just one of many who've been targeted by the NATs, which were assembled at the request of County Supervisor Mike Antonovich in 2006. LA Weekly reporter Mars Melnicoff wrote an in-depth article in which she exposed the county's tactic of badgering residents with minor, but costly, code violations until they face little choice but to vacate the land altogether.

"They're picking on the the people who are the most defenseless and have the least resources," says Melnicoff.

onsdag 9. april 2014


Water Treatment worker whistle blower explains why he's coming forward with information about Fluoride being put into the drinking water.

onsdag 2. april 2014

Turkish Officials Caught Plotting False Flag Attack In Syria, Audio Leaked

Published on Apr 2, 2014
Turkish officials attempt to shut down YouTube in Turkey after a high level conversation among Turkish leaders is leaked. The conversation includes a discussion about creating a false flag attack in Syria as a reason for Turkish soldiers to enter the country.

fredag 7. mars 2014

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How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

An electronic cigarette or e-cig is a device (battery) that heats a water-based solution (inside the cartridge) containing flavoring and nicotine to produce vapor. This vapor acts as a nicotine-delivery system that is inhaled and exhaled by the user providing an enjoyable sensation of smoking without the smoke and tar.Mig Cigs are better than other e cig brands because of our high power e cig battery. 

onsdag 26. februar 2014

MUST WATCH!! Elite Bankers Dressed in Drag Mock 2008 Financial Crash

Published on Feb 21, 2014
In today's video, Christopher Greene of AMTV provides an exclusive on Wilbur Ross and drag queen bankers.

Rupert Murdoch Exposed

 What you are told in the mainstream media, is the exact same agenda being pushed by politicians and the New World Order. The proof can be seen in this video how just one of these megalomaniacs has traded power with different politicians through the DECADES. Bombarding the public with what they are told to believe, and for most that use the TV as trusted source of information - it works. They believe that to control the media is to control your opinion and even your mind. This is true because many take news as fact and pass it around.. promote it.. defend it.. with no thought that they are fuelling a political agenda and a pack of lies. Look at those at the top who control the media, they are the same breed as those who corrupt within governments and through secret societies. For decades, Australian-born billionaire, SIS Agent and Freemason (Knight of Malta) Rupert Murdoch has used the US government's increasingly lax media regulations to consolidate his hold over the media and wider political debate in America.

Consider Murdoch's empire: According to Businessweek, "his satellites deliver TV programs in five continents, all but dominating Britain, Italy, and wide swaths of Asia and the Middle East. He publishes 175 newspapers, including the New York Post and The Times of London. In the US, he owns the Twentieth Century Fox Studio, Fox Network, and 35 TV stations that reach more than 40% of the country...His cable channels include fast-growing Fox News, and 19 regional sports channels. In all, as many as one in five American homes at any given time will be tuned into a show News Corp. either produced or delivered." But who is the real Rupert Murdoch? As this report shows, he is a far-right partisan who has used his empire explicitly to pull American political debate to the right. He is also an enabler of the oppressive tactics employed by dictatorial regimes, and a man who admits to having hidden money in tax havens.

In short,there more to Rupert Murdoch than meets the eye.

In 2003, Rupert Murdoch told a congressional panel that his use of "political influence inour newspapers or television" is "nonsense." But a close look at the record shows Murdochhas imparted his far-right agenda throughout his media empire.

Just after the Iraq invasion, the New York Timesreported, "The war has illuminated anew the exceptional power in the hands of Murdoch,72, the chairman of News Corp... In the last several months, the editorial policies of almostall his English-language news organizations have hewn very closely to Murdoch's ownstridently hawkish political views, making his voice among the loudest in the Anglophoneworld in the international debate over the American-led war with Iraq.

" The Guardianreported before the war Murdoch gave "his full backing to war, praising George Bush asacting 'morally' and 'correctly' and describing Tony Blair as 'full of guts'" for his support of the war. Murdoch said just before the war, "We can't back down now -- I think Bush isacting very morally, very correctly." [New York Times,4/9/03; Guardian,2/12/03]

Murdoch owns the Weekly Standard, the neo-conservative journal that employed key figures who pushed for war in Iraq.


On 21st July 2012 (a week after this video was published) he resigned, it was uploaded in the midst of the phone hacking scandal.. say what you want, he still owns a shitload and has a big influence politically, especially through his sons, especially Lachlan. He will leave his businesses in the family and shit won't change...unless people make a stand against this in whatever way they can