fredag 7. mars 2014

Best Ecigarette or Cig-a-like for 2014! | V2Cigs vs Halo vs Mig Cigs | I...

How Does An Electronic Cigarette Work?

An electronic cigarette or e-cig is a device (battery) that heats a water-based solution (inside the cartridge) containing flavoring and nicotine to produce vapor. This vapor acts as a nicotine-delivery system that is inhaled and exhaled by the user providing an enjoyable sensation of smoking without the smoke and tar.Mig Cigs are better than other e cig brands because of our high power e cig battery. 

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  1. I quit smoking about 2 years ago on e cig- alike with a knock off brand of the Ecigforlife. These are a big step up, wish they where a choice back then and should help any one looking to step on over. For more details visit:- e cigarette australia

  2. If you are trying to enjoy huge vaporizing during smoking like Sheesha use Efest IMR 18650 LiMn 2000mAh Battery high in power, long timing and safe chemistry battery also cheap in price.