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Here I will put up yet another piece of Our Ancestor History that have been Destroyed and hidden by the Vatican and the Rothchilds family thruout the last 6500 years for the Goal of getting them self God statuses and full control over the human race here on Earth....

Also a book by Brendan Levon, not my claims, so ELite, Kill Brendan Levon, it is his books, Oh Wait , You have killed him allready, he was found burnt up inside his car in Illenois.....Poor guy.. you Elitists suck..

2009-2016 Illuminati Time Line
The Big Wobble : Agenda 101

'' The Levon Equation: The simplest way to explain it, would be that it is based on how many resources an newly occupied planet has, determed by mass then devided by population growth over the course of the time it would take before the next planet is ready to be occupied. Venus is the same size as Earth, so therefore the amount of people that would be considered to be too many to maintain control,would already be Known ''

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Tuesday, 18 May 2010
Generations have been taught to believe that Neanderthal Man was a half-stooped ape-man barely able to walk. This initial reconstruction of the Neanderthals was based on evolutionary bias ('Theory' of Evolution) and occurred before complete and better preserved bones of the Neanderthals were discovered showing that they were completely erect and completely human in every way.

By the time many scientists (though not all) came to be convinced that the Neanderthals were completely human, not half-ape or becoming human, the factual damage in the popular media was done and the Neanderthals became forever synonymous with low intelligent, brutish, knuckle-walking ape- men.

New World Bible-the story of the truth by the author Brandon Levon.

Update: Watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szTppq... if you want to know more about this type of information. This video was made under the title of the first book. Or you can buy both books, the last time I checked, for only $30.00, free shipping to anywhere in the world. It stated limited time offer on the books website so they may have went back to regular price by the time you read this but both books are still worth the time and money.

This video is in no way as good as the book and a lot less informative but it will give you the basic idea of what is planned. The first book I read that was written by this author pretty much tells you how they have killed and manipulated our ancestors to keep us from knowledge like this, it covers the time from just before the flood up until now. I cant even explain the journey I have been on since I first started reading about the author. There is a thread that I started reading on (abovetopsecret.com) under (old world secrets the omega project codes) if you would like to see for yourself. Just type into your search engine (old world secrets the omega project codes) and look for the site at the bottom. If you dont have the time and want to get straight to the point, I bought both books from (oldworldsecretcodes.zoomshare.com) because the shipping was free to anywhere in the world but I believe (Amazon.com) has them also. No other place will sell them; they are trying to keep us as dumb as a box of rocks. They act like they dont know why Neanderthal man died off, or what the riddle of the sphinx actually is. If thats the case, then the author of these books is one of the smartest people to ever walk the face of the earth because all the worlds mysteries arent mysteries once you apply them to their forbidden calendar. It is time to start waking people up, they didnt kill our ancestors for no reason.

--- Warning . End is Real Close . ---